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21. Feb. 1998


Dear Sir,
thank you for your answer on a former report, which arrived today.

Today my wife got the attached mailing (Sea-Org-Survey and LRH-reference The Auditor No. 9) with a grave alter-is in the LRH-reference. The survey should be sent back to AOSH UK SO recruitment officer. The post stamp is from Gatwick 19. Febr.98.

In german there is written something like "we are prepared for a sixteen hours day and a sixty-hours week".

The original speeks about a "twelfe-hour-day".

This is a grave alter-is of LRH and it seems to me, that some squirrels do want to prevent, that a lot of new people join the sea org.

In this connection RTC should also have a look, whether there is not only this fake in circulation, but also that a lot of sea org members are asked to work much more than these 12 hours a day and 60 hours a week, as LRH asked them to do.

I personally know some, who are. As I must assume, this is a wide spread alter-is and does a big damage to the Sea Org and Scientology.

My wife and I once experienced a D of P interview in an AO, where the D of P was going to asleep during the interview!

This is a strategy of our enemy, to keep the Sea Org down. The squirrels would like to see overworked sea org members! Who is interested in out-Rudiments? Rudiments are not only necessary for PC or Auditors, but are also vital for every responsible post.

LRH reminds us in WTH paragraph 1-5 that we should have an eye on people, who do not sleep enough, they endanger others. The most important posts on this planet are held by SO-members, so they should have enough sleep! - The same is true for a weekend and for a holiday. LRHs references on this should be applied. The theory behind this is the Theta-MEST-theory in SOS: Theta goes into MEST and when hurt to much, must have a way to withdraw (I don't quote much of LRH, because I only have the german issues at hand. Sorry, but I am sure, you know the references).

The usual SO-recruitment placard give this LRH-quote with 12-h-a-day and 60-hours-a-week. (The Auditor No. 9). Calculating I came to the conclusion, LRH is speaking about a 5-days-week!

To "interpret" LRH in an 150-%-way and let the juniors work 90 hours or more a week (I was told this by several SO-members, one is routed out after she got an apoplectic stroke last year) is Squirreling and is targeted on a destruction of the Sea Org and by this of Scientology.

In HCO PL 7. Aug. 1965 I "Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics of" in OEC 1, pg 1007 Ron writes under point 3:

"A suppressive will try to get rid of an org. Good staff members are a prime target for SPs. In one org where an SP got a foothold, 60 % of the staff was gotten rid of and the org almost crashed.

They do it by making people too dissatisfied to produce and so make it impossible for the org to earn."

and in point 10 he says:
"10. An SP deals only in restimulation, never easing or erasing."

When a body had not enough sleep or nutrition, the case of the person will easy be restimulated!

And the last LRH-quote, which is often violated, at the end of my report:

"As soon as you knock out one of these dynamics on a human being and say, 'for this individual, this dynamic cannot possibly exist,' you get trouble, because they all get knocked out. They come down to the same level, in other words. If you cut out half of one dynamic, you have cut out half of the rest of the dynamics. This package of dynamics is very vital to the survival of an individual." LRH in ItSE, page 15.

This is true! Please handle!

Andreas Groß

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