Study Tape 4

Alterations in The Study Tapes
Tape 4: Study: Gradients and Nomenclature

11 Feb 01

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and
1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82
transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the '87 tapes by

Just past the half-way point on side 1, we hit the first deletion. Ron is
discussing using group processes before beginning a class, to make sure that
the person is actually there mentally (not just physically). There is a
paragraph that ends with:

"...Do you see the rationale? No, they've got a body in class. They've got
a body in class. Now, why the person is actually there: they don't know

Immediately following the above, two full paragraphs have been deleted.
Here are the two missing paragraphs:

"Well, fads hit this course. Every once in a blue moon we'll have a new
fad - not once in a blue moon either, everybody will get on a fad thing; and
for a while, a year or two ago (I've forgotten exactly when it was), "the
problem they solved by coming to Saint Hill" was in vogue; and for a while,
why, everybody was just making marvelous TA and gorgeous case gains, and so
forth. "The problem they solved by coming to Saint Hill." "What did coming
to Saint Hill solve as a problem for you?" see? And then they would run
this out and they'd square it up, and it's marvelous and so forth. And I
don't believe I ever thought about it very much, but my laughter on this
situation would be based on this very elementary fact: that they weren't
really running a Problems Process at all, see? They were simply making the
person aware of the fact that they had arrived at Saint Hill.

So we don't do that anymore because we've got a little checksheet which goes
in and out and is sometimes skipped and sometimes put back in again, which
has to do with getting the person to go around and spot the locations of
everything around here, see? We take care of it with a little checksheet.
They're supposed to get this and supposed to get that, and they're supposed
to look over this and supposed to that, don't you see? So there is a touch
assist familiarity, so that that wipes out two things: the vast mystery of
where they have arrived at and the fact that they have arrived."

The tape then resumes with:

"So your first gradient in education is to get somebody there..."

Shortly after this is a HUGE DELETED SECTION! Over a FULL PAGE of material
has been deleted from the lecture! About 14.5 paragraphs in all. Just
preceeding the deleted section is a paragraph that ends with:

"...And if you want to unscramble anybody's difficulties with training, and
so forth, then you will just have to find the gradient that they overlooked
or skipped or missed, after which they entered into a confusion."

Ron then goes on to discuss exactly how this is done using an E-meter. It
is really a shame that RTC in it's infinite wisdom decided that this vital
information was not necessary to pass along to students. Naturally, they
know better than Ron what should be passed along. Since the missing data
comprises over a full page of material, and I have no wish at present to
give any ammuntion to RTC to come after me for copyright violations, I will
include a small section (the first two paragraphs) of the missing data here,
so that the reader may get a feeling for what was deleted. The missing data
begins with:

"And this would be very easy to find on an E-meter, extremely easy on an
E-meter; and that is simply, the E-meter would register an early moment of
confusion about study or training, and it would register it repeatedly, that
is two or three times, if it had never been resolved. It would only go
"flick", or something like that, if it had existed and then been resolved,
you see? There would just be the residual charge left on the time track;
but if it's repetitively reading, if it reads several times and seems to
read very strongly as he discusses it - gives you, in other words, tone arm
action - why, then you know that it has never been resolved to this day.

Now, the difficulties that men have with their minds are those which have
ridden forward with them into the present. Those are the difficulties that
have to be treated and handled - the difficulties which they have had in the
past which have ridden forward to them into the present. You can always get
a registry on a difficulty somebody has had in the past, simply because it
is pictured on the time track as having had a difficulty. But if it is not
riding forward with him into the present, you are simply using auditing to
contact it again and it will blow. It won't restimulate particularly, it
usually just blows."

Again, these are only the FIRST TWO paragraphs of the missing data. The
lecture is resumed in the middle of a paragraph which is below. The part of
the paragraph enclosed in [brackets] is also missing from the '87 version of
the tapes:

["Now ARC must have preceeded all misemotion and bad reactions. You don't
have a bad reaction unless there has been ARC in the first place. There's
got to have been ARC with something in order to make a bad action occur.
You've heard me say that often enough. Well, all right, how about this
confusion? Do you address the confusion in itself? No, it's a sort of
out-of-ARC subject.] It's never the confusion that the person is supposed
to be in, by himself and the instructor, and that's why education breaks

In the middle of the deleted section, Ron also says the following:

"Now, all of this is necessary technology, as elementary as that may be,
that's necessary technology to an understanding of how you would locate
somebody's early confusions with regard to an educational subject."

The next deletion appears at about the half-way point on side 2. There is
part of a sentence that has again, been seamlessly edited out of the tape.
I have enclosed the deleted part of the sentence in [brackets] below:

"Now you've begun to believe, you see, that an assessment is something that
doesn't have anything to do with auditing, and that's true. An ARC Break
Assessment has nothing to do with auditing. You simply sit there and you
reel it off, with your pc usually gritting his teeth to powder, and you
finally see your meter react and you indicate the by-passed charge; and you
don't answer and you don't acknowledge, [and you jolly well had better not
if you value his sanity or yours on R6 material;] you just sit there, man,
and you reel this thing off and you find the by-passed charge and you
indicate it right now!"

This concludes the alterations from the 1982 version to the 1987 version of
tape 4.

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