Study Tape 8

Alterations in The Study Tapes
Tape 8: Study and Intention

15 Feb 01

This is a comparison of two different versions of The Study Tapes, 1982 and
1987 versions, done by listening to an '87 tape, while reading from an '82
transcript, in order to find out what has been cut out of the '87 tapes by

Note: This lecture was given at Saint Hill Manor on 18 August 1966.

The first alteration is at the beginning of the lecture, and is 4 paragraphs
long. The previous portion ends with: "...Earth. What - yeah, good.

Begin deleted section:

"Well, actually, what this is all about, I really don't have anything to
talk to you about today. I want to mak a little bit of a correction. If
you, as I did after the last lecture, go and look up Dharma (D-H-A-R-M-A) to
find out what has been preserved of all that, why, save yourself the
trouble. Dharma is anything from "supreme law" to "the total caste system
of India", to "fate", and respelled, "love", and rephrased some other way,
and so forth; and in no authoritative reference book that I've looked at to
date, that I have around at this particular time, is there any correct
definition for "Dharma". Boy, that is really great, you know, it's really
great! And in Buddhism it means "the way", see?

Now, I tell you, you go round getting your name synonomous with things, you
know, and then your name becomes the thing, you know? If you make very good
Frigidaires, why, you eventually - all iceboxes are known as Frigidaires,
you see? But it's worse than that. The name becomes identified with the
product rather than the source of the product, which I think is very

I just thought I would give you that as a little side note on the last
lecture, because I thought, "I wonder what they're saying about that these
days", you know? "I wonder if there's any record of it around", you know?
By George, there isn't! I notice, however, in many books such as the
theosophy texts and so on, that it is bounteously mentioned, but it doesn't
really say wherein.

Well, the age we're in, by the way, the age we started, by the way, already
has been named. This might also be an interesting side note to you; it's
the Age of Love. There was the Age of Reason, and the Age of Science, and
the age of a lot of other things; but 2500 years ago, why, Guatama
Siddhartha said that in 2500 years the Age of Love would begin in the West,
and this is an interesting prediction because the first thing clears start
talking about is love, you know; it's very interesting. Of course nobody
ever made this before, so how was he to know? But anyway, this is supposed
to be the Age of Love. No longer the Age of Reason - thank God!"

End deleted section. The tape then resumes with: "Well, there are probably
a lot of things I could talk to you about..."

This concludes the alterations from the 1982 version to the 1987 version of
tape 8.

Personally, I find this a rather interesting deletion. I wonder what else
will be found if this particular string is pulled on a little more...

Theta One

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