Quentin Hubbard wurde im November 1976 ermordet

L. Ron Hubbard's Sohn Quentin Hubbard war ein hochtrainierter Scientologe und Auditor (Klasse 12). Ron hatte angekündigt, dass Quentin der nächste Kopf von Scientology werden wird. Nach Quentins Tod 1976 wurde er in der Scientology Kirche niemals wieder erwähnt.

This is an excerpt of the page http://www.fza.org/forum2003/10/368.html :

Friday, 12 November 1976
Quoted from a posting on the internet; author unknown:

"I've been told someone did show up, but they will have to post those details themselves. Mary Sue Hubbard hired Joe Lisa to investigate Quentins death. Joe Lisa called in to a radio show I was on. Joe said there was a carpet runner in the trunk of the car Quentin was found in, rolled up, and it had hairs belonging to quentin on it, as if he had been incapacitated elsewhere, rolled up in the carpet runner, and driven in the trunk to the site on Sunset Road, where the 'suicide' was staged. Joe Lisa was an unindicted co-conspirator in US vs Mary Sue Hubbard in 1982 Note Well: Bloodwork indicated Carbon Monoxide was NOT the cause of death, it was the assumption made upon his deliverey to the hospital, but was not indicated as a factor from blood work. "IMO, this was not a suicide. I dont think Mary Sue thought so either. What struck me also was the evidence [sic] staph infection and multiple needle marks... ."

**snipped Coroner's report on Quentin-see document library http://fza.org/doc.php 

**This link does not work any more, but now this one:  The Quentin Hubbard autopsy shows - he was murdered

Monday, 15 November 1976
The Las Vegas coroner's office begins making attempts to establish "John
Doe's" identity. His car, which has been impounded, is "re-checked" (?)
and a Florida Highway Patrol smog sticker is found, along with a vehicle
identification number. (WHY WERE THESE MISSED BEFORE?)
A telex to the Florida department of motor vehicles comes up with
the information that the vehicle is registered to a Quentin Hubbard of
210 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater. Descriptions of the car and
the dead man are telexed to Clearwater police department with a request
that the information be checked. At 8.40 pm, a man called Dick Weigand
telephones the deputy coroner from Los Angeles airport, says he wis
leaving for Las Vegas in five minutes and hopes to be able to identify
John Doe. They agree to meet at ten o'clock that night at the Medical
Examiner Facility on Pinto Lane.
Weigand arrives at Pinto Lane five minutes late and explains that
he had been contacted by a Kathy O'Gorman, who lived at the same address in Clearwater as Quentin Hubbard. However, he says he has only seen Quentin a couple of times and can not be sure of making a positive
identification. Weigand views the body twice, then says he isn't sure.
He can give no more help and doesn't even know the telephone number of
Kathy O'Gorman in Clearwater. Weigand leaves and immediately puts a call through to the Guardian's Office to give them the bad news: it's
Quentin, all right.
SOURCE: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20

***kathy o gorman link Plus, Both Dick and Joe Investigate?

Wednesday, 17 November 1976
According to an account by Doreen Smith, this is the date on which LRH
and MSH, at La Quinta, are notified of Quentin's death, sometime in the
morning hours.
That same morning, a detective from Clearwater police department
telephones Las Vegas to say that 210 South Fort Harrison Avenue is the
address of the US headquarters of the Church of Scientology, but that
the church's public affairs officer, Kathy O'Gorman, has refused to give
him any information about Quentin Hubbard. The detective says that the
Clearwater police have had "many problems" with the church; as far as he
knows, the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, lives on a yacht in the bay.
A pit boss at the Sands Hotel by the name of Ed Watters, who later
claims to have been "a covert operator" for the GO "for about eight
years," is reportedly told (BY WHOM?) to get hold of all of Quentin's
medical files. According to Watters, there was apparently evidence in
them that Quentin had "had a homosexual encounter shortly before he was
found." Watters claims, "There was a girl Scientologist (WHO?) working
in the hospital in a very secure position and she got all the reports on
Quentin and gave them to me and I handed them over to the Guardian's
SOURCE: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20


Sunday, 28 c. November 1976
Frank Gerbode, a Scientologist (and psychiatrist) in Palo Alto,
California, who has his own airplane, flies his plane out over the
Pacific with a couple of GO people (WHO?) to scatter Quentin's ashes.
SOURCE: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20