R2-12 List One

For Use in E-Meter—16

Scientology the dynamics
Scientologists the reactive mind
an auditor aberration
auditors somatics
auditing pain 
students engrams 
an E-Meter circuits 
meters valences 
a session past lives 
clearing a center 
a clear certificates
a release HCA’s 
a preclear tests 
a patient examiners 
insane people tapes 
The mind lectures 
Department of health field auditors 
Dianetics franchise 
Book One 10%’s 
Dianetic books Scientology groups 
Scientology books group auditing 
a Scientology magazine memberships 
a Scientology congress reports 
a bulletin dissemination 
a policy letter infractions 
a hat world clearing 
hats Ron 
Staff members L. Ron Hubbard 
a registrar the Executive Director 
HPA’s the Governing Director 
D.Scn’s the Founder 
ministers Mary Sue 
HGC pc s Mary Sue Hubbard 
ACC’s the Association Secretary 
mental science the Organization Secretary 
a science of mind the HCO Secretary 
mental doctors security 
Saint Hill your case 
courses people’s cases 
statements techniques 
units procedures 
Scientology letters a squirrel 
instructors psychologists 
Staff auditors psychiatrists 
the D. of P. rock slammers 
the D. of T. thetans 
HASI assessments 
a Scientology organization mid ruds 

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