Series in chronological order

started Series Text
7.6.50 Demo Demonstration
10.6.50 sat The saturday course, beginning
15.6.50 fpro First Professional Course lectures
23.9.50 OAKPL lectures at the Oakland Municipal Auditorium
21.10.50 Kansas Kansas City Lectures
2.11.50 STP Standard Procedure Lectures
22.11.50 STP new Standard procedure lectures
11.12.50 article articles
7.2.51 R/BRCST Radio Broadcast
26.6.51 HEV Human evaluation course
26.6.51 HEV 92 Human evaluation, Special Course in (1992)
27.6.51 VP Viewpoint Processing Lectures
28.6.51 CAC The Complete Auditor's Course
29.6.51 HDA Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors
9.7.51 VMP Validation and Mest Processing
4.9.51 PLS Public Lecture Series
8.10.51 OCTSER The October Series
15.10.51 FAC Foundation Auditor's Course
26.11.51 HCL Hubbard College Lectures
27.12.51 DCL December Conference Lectures "Second Annual
29.1.52 HDFL  
25.2.52 HPC Hubbard Professional Course
25.2.52 PCB Professional Course Booklets
3.3.52 HCL Hubbard College Lectures
10.3.52 TTTT The Time Track of Theta
19.5.52 T80 Tech 80 Lectures.
23.6.52 T88 Technique 88 Lectures
23.6.52 T88 old Technique 88 Lectures old
24.7.52 T88S First set of T88 Supplemental lectures given in
21.9.52 T88SL Tech 88 Supplements given in London
21.9.52 T88SL old Tech 88 Supplements given in London, old
1.10.52 SOP Standard Operating Procedure Lectures
11.10.52 Prof Crse Professional Course
6.11.52 LS Lecture Series, Also known as the November
10.11.52 LPC London Professional Course
10.11.52 L&A Logics and Axioms Lectures.
10.11.52 LPC R&D London Professional Course, per R&D
1.12.52 PDC Philadelphia Doctorate Course
1.1.53 LGC London Group Course
12.1.53 PDCS PDC Supplement lectures, included in the PDC
23.3.53 SPRL Spring Lectures
21.5.53 BL Birmingham Lectures
23.9.53 LonLect LonLect
30.9.53 ICDS International Congress of Dianeticists and
6.10.53 AICL Advanced Indoctrination Course Lectures, also: 1st
6.10.53 Exterior Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space
6.10.53 1ACC 1st ACC (Advanced Clinical Course)
17.11.53 2ACC The 2nd Advanced Clinical Course
28.12.53 PHC First Phoenix Congress, Also: 2nd congress of
4.1.54 3ACC 3rd Advanced Clinical Course.
15.2.54 4ACC 4th Advanced Clinical Course.
29.3.54 5ACC 5th American Advanced Clinical Course.
21.4.54 GPSpec Group Processing Special sessions
5.5.54 PLS Public Lecture Series
10.5.54 6ACC 6th American Advanced Clinical Course.
5.6.54 UPC At the Universe Processes Congress, also: the 4. Int
23.6.54 7ACC 7th American Advanced Clinical Course.
19.7.54 PRO PHOENIX LECTURES cassettes
19.7.54 PRO1st PHOENIX LECTURES cassettes, 1st Version
20.8.54 AX Axiom Lectures
4.10.54 8ACC 8th American Advanced Clinical Course in Phoenix
4.10.54 CofHA The Creation of Human Ability
8.10.54 PIP Printed Intensive Procedure Lectures
20.10.54 PPS Public Processing Series
1.11.54 L3 Level 3 Cassettes
16.11.54 HCAP Hubbard Certified Auditors Course in Phoenix
1.12.54 Dn55 Dn55 Supplement
6.12.54 9ACC 9th American Advanced Clinical Course.
6.12.54 StoE The Solution to Entrapment
28.12.54 UC Unification Congress.
29.12.54 Dn 55 Dianetics 55 supplements.
1.1.55 PLPS Phoenix Public Lecture and Processing Series.
3.1.55 10ACC 10th American ACC
  11ACC 11th American ACC (not held by Ron)
  12ACC 12th American ACC (not held by Ron)
  13ACC 13th American ACC (not held by Ron)
  14ACC 14th American ACC (not held by Ron)
16.1.55 3ICGB 3rd International Congress of Scientologists London
14.3.55 HPC55 Hubbard Professional Course of March 1955.
14.3.55 SAC Staff Auditor's Conference
2.5.55 ALS Academy Lecture Series
3.6.55 ASMC Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress.
23.8.55 ALS Academy Lecture Series.
3.10.55 4LACC 4th London Advanced Clinical Course.
8.10.55 LPLS London Public Lecture Series.
8.10.55 PAS Personal Achievement Series
11.10.55 LAM London Auditor's Meetings
8.11.55 HPCN5 Hubbard Professional Course
6.2.56 HPCF Hubbard Professional Course of Feb 56
1.8.56 HPCA Hubbard Professional Course of Aug 56
31.8.56 GC Games Congress in Washington DC
5.10.56 LCHP London Congress on Human Problems.
8.10.56 Money money cassettes
15.10.56 15ACC 15th American Advanced Clinical Course
18.10.56 OS Organization Series.
18.10.56 HTPSTT How to Present Scientology to the World
22.11.56 civ cass Creating a New Civilization cassettes
29.12.56 ARC Anti-Radiation Congress.
2.1.57 16ACC 16th American Advanced Clinical Course.
25.2.57 17ACC 17th American Advanced Clinical Course.
12.4.57 LCNRH London Congress on Nuclear Radiation and Health.
12.4.57 Rad Radiation and Your Survival.
18.4.57 ATE Auditor's Training Evening.
15.5.57 HCA57 Hubbard Certified Auditor Lectures
28.6.57 AUDC Auditor's Conference
4.7.57 FC Freedom Congress.
5.7.57 L1 Level 1 Cassettes
15.7.57 18ACC 18th American Advanced Clinical Course.
29.12.57 AC Ability Congress.
20.1.58 19ACC 19th American Advanced Clinical Course
4.7.58 CC Clearing Congress.
14.7.58 20ACC 20th American Advanced Clinical Course
18.10.58 LCC London Clearing Congress.
27.10.58 5LACC The 5th London Advanced Clinical Course.
3.1.59 SC Success Congress.
26.1.59 21ACC 21st American Advanced Clinical Course.
6.4.59 SHPA Special Hubbard Professional Auditor's Course.
14.4.59 solo Solo Cassettes
12.5.59 6LACC 6th London Advanced Clinical Course
4.7.59 TCC Theta Clear Congress.
7.11.59 MC Melbourne Congress.
9.11.59 1MACC 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course.
1.1.60 SMC State of Man Congress.
4.1.60 HCS Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course.
23.6.60 LOE London Open Evening Lectures.
7.8.60 LCDH London Congress on Dissemination and Help.
8.8.60 SHACC 1st Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course.
31.12.60 AHMC Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress.
2.1.61 22ACC 22nd American Advanced Clinical Course.
21.1.61 ACSA South African Anatomy Congress.
23.1.61 3SACC 3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course.
7.5.61 SHSBC old Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - old numbering
7.5.61 SHSBC Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - new numbering
3.7.61 L1 old Level 1 Cassettes, old
22.7.61 LAC LA Congress
23.8.61 essen. Cass essen. Cass. ??
3.10.61 FPRD FPRD-cassettes
4.10.61 L2 Level 2 Cassettes
30.12.61 CHC Clean Hands Congress.
25.1.62 whole whole track cass.
20.3.62 TVD TV Demo
16.5.62 MTS ??
24.5.62 L0 Level 0 Cassettes
1.9.62 CSC Clearing Success Congress.
20.4.63 PAC lectures to professional Scientologists
27.8.63 L4 Level 4 Cassettes
10.12.63 PTS/SP PTS/SP Cassettes
30.12.63 SC Success Congress.
31.12.63 SH spec Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - special
18.6.64 ST90 Study Cassettes in the 90ies
18.6.64 ST83 Study Cassettes 1983
24.9.64 W/C Word Clearing Series
3.9.65 CCF clearing course film
10.10.67 SO Sea Org
5.1.68 AO AO
24.9.68 Class VIII Class VIII Course
15.10.69 WSO Welcome To The Sea Org
27.3.70 SO PRO PR
17.11.70 FEBC Flag Executive Briefing Course
1.3.71 ESTO Establishment Officer Lectures: Sea Org Flagship
30.3.71 XDN Expanded Dianetics (XDN) lectures

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