Ron's elektronische Bibliographie: eBib

Die ersten Produkte von eBib werden hier gezeigt:

Starting with the data of the master list from The Pilot, the new software called "Ron's eBib" (electronical Bibliography) made its first products.

These listings show, that a professional relational database gives us a powerfull tool for keeping track our most precious informations.

These Lists are just an example, what can be done with this database. We also have put in the data about all books and booklets of LRH, all HCO Bs, all HCO PLs and a lot of other references. All these data can be queried, printed, and so on.

Some of these links are not working, go to the site, where this works better:

master tape list in alphabetical order

master tape list in chronological order

Master Tape List in chronological Order , just the missing tapes.

Master Tape List in chronological Order , just the confidential tapes.

List of Tapes per Series, alphabetically

List of Series in chronological order

List of all LRH-Books and Booklets

The data in the database has to be reviewed, as my attention is on programming the software and the data was put in for demo purposes. Someone has to do the job to review it.

The graphic shows you the whole current structure of the database. Each rectangle stands for one table. The lines between them show their relations. In these attached small reports just three of the shown tables are used: WORKS, SERIES, WORKSERIES.

In a later eMail I will define and explain each one of the tables and its relations. This will show you the magnitude of the project, what it will embrace.

Änderungsstand: 29. Mai 2001 - Copyright 2001 by Andreas Groß, Schweiz
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